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Living Room Lecture

Invisible Beauty: Displaying Archaeological Science

Thursday, March 11, 2021 |
5:30PM - 6:15PM ET

This is a virtual event.
Marie-Claude Boileau and Sarah Linn in the Invisible Beauty exhibition.


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Part of the Living Room Lectures Series

Thirsty for knowledge? Enjoy happy hour in your own home with one of our Museum’s awesome specialists. Living Room Lectures deliver social interaction with educational elements, and everyone is welcome. Cheers!

Join co-curators Marie-Claude Boileau, Ph.D. and Sarah Linn, Ph.D. as they discuss their fields of expertise and partnership for the new exhibition, Invisible Beauty: The Art of Archaeological Science.

Learn about the magic happening under the microscope in Marie-Claude’s ceramics lab and inside the Center for Analysis of Archaeological Materials (CAAM). Hear how Sarah supports student research on the collections, in the labs, and through public-facing programs. During the chat, these co-curators will share stories and insights from their favorite images from Invisible Beauty. They will also offer a glimpse behind the scenes of the Penn Museum laboratories and talk about what’s next on their busy agendas!

Marie-Claude Boileau specializes in archaeological science as applied to archaeological ceramics. She completed her Ph.D. in Archaeology at Université Laval, with a focus on Early Bronze Age ceramics from northeastern Syria. Central to her research is the reconstruction of technological traditions, their development over time and across space, as a way to approach social identity. She uses an integrated methodology combining multiple datasets—contextual, stylistic, and analytical—to trace the potter’s choice and action at every step of the production sequence. Her research and teaching interests expand to the East Mediterranean to explore networks of interaction. In the field and in the lab she has been involved in a number of archaeological projects in Syria, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, and Thailand. At Penn, she is the Director of the Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials (CAAM) and teaches undergraduate courses on ceramic analysis and a graduate course on the petrography of cultural materials.

Sarah Linn is the Research Liaison at the Penn Museum. Her work focuses on making the collections and research of the Museum accessible to students and visitors. She facilitates research, manages interpretive programs, provides tours and other gallery talks to visitors, and is currently co-curating an upcoming exhibition, The Stories We Wear. She received her Ph.D. in Mediterranean archaeology from the University of Pennsylvania and specializes in Greek archaeology, particularly Minoan Crete.

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Part of the Living Room Lectures Series