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Ancient Alcohol After Hours

Tour and Beer Tasting

Friday, November 19, 2021 |
6:00PM - 8:00PM ET

This is a virtual event.
Ancient Alcohol After Hours Beer Tour


Virtual Event - Penn Museum


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Back by popular demand: Ancient Alcohol After Hours—with a twist!

People have been drinking together for thousands of years. Log on, grab a drink, and let us be your designated driver as you virtually explore how our ancestors partied like it was 5000 BCE. Along with the beer pairings suggested below, grab some corn meal. Attendees will be invited to “chew” along with us and learn how to make chicha—an ancient Andean beer made from chewed corn!

This highly engaging and interactive virtual program brings you back in time to uncover the earliest known beer, try unexpected brewing techniques from South America, and learn how an ancient cousin of tequila was fermented from agave sap.

If you joined us for this program last year, you will recall some of our favorite stories, including the Mesopotamian queen who drank her beer out of a straw and the recreation of a beverage served at a funerary feast hosted by King Midas.

Meet your ancient alcohol experts

Mark Van Horn will be your virtual tour guide and resident archaeologist for the evening. He has excavated at sites across Italy, France, Germany, and Israel and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Penn’s Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean World program.

Dr. Kirk French, a Teaching Professor of Anthropology at Penn State, will share his experience brewing chicha. Learn how Dr. French and his students sowed the fields at Penn State with corn, chewed the kernels, and managed the brewing process.

Drink along with us!

We encourage all of our 21+ friends to enjoy select beer pairings. Throughout the evening, your guide will share insight into why he selected each beverage. Be sure you get your beers in advance.

Suggested beers

  1. Start Off Local – A local favorite of your choice! Live in the Philly area? We suggest West Philly’s Two Locals Brewing Company.
  2. Rice Beer/Lager – Favorites include Tsingtao, Yanjing, Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale, Asahi, and Sapporo. Can't find these imported ales? Substitute any lager of your choice!
  3. American Wheat Beer – Grab a hefeweizen, witbier, or similar, preferably unfiltered and 3.0-5.5% ABV.
  4. Stout – Grab a Guinness or another low ABV stout (<6% ABV).
  5. Belgian Lambic or Fruit Sour/Hard Cider – You’ll want a fruity sour ale (a gose works well), a fruity hard cider, or a Belgian lambic! We recommend Lindeman's Framboise for a tart traditional Belgian lambic that pushes the fruit to the max.
  6. Mead of your choice or Flying Fish Exit 3 Blueberry Braggot – End the tour with a punch! Find a strong, sweet, fruity braggot, such as Flying Fish Exit 3. Otherwise, grab whichever mead you prefer (high ABV, 7-12%) or a fruity, sweet saison.

$15 Adult | $7.50 Member

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