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The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (Penn Museum) has produced the results of research conducted by the Museum since our first expedition to Nippur in 1889. Over the years, the Museum's publishing program has expanded to include site reports, exhibition catalogs and gallery guides, conference proceedings, and stand-alone scholarly monographs and popular books. For the marketing, sales, and distribution of our books, we collaborate with the University of Pennsylvania Press (Penn Press). All titles that are currently in print are available for purchase online at the Penn Press website, and you can find our most recent titles right here. For all of our books that include supplementary materials on CD or DVD, these resources are available to the public on the Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR) website. You will need to sign a usage agreement and create an account to access these materials, but there is no cost associated with this.

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Prospective authors should contact Penn Museum Publications to discuss the nature of their proposed manuscript before submitting the forms below.

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For authors wishing to self-archive their work published with Penn Museum Publications, we follow the policy of our sales, marketing, and distribution partner Penn Press.

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