Download Datasets

You can download the object data available in the online collections database as either a CSV, XML or JSON file. Each Curatorial Sections' data is available below as well as a single file containing all 379,498 object records. This data is provided 'as-is'. Not all records included herein have been reviewed for completeness or accuracy. That process is ongoing and the Museum would welcome your assistance in drawing our attention to any particularly egregious omissions or inaccuracies. If you have questions about this data please email online.collections@pennmuseum.org.

Creative Commons License
This data is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

These files were last updated on October 28, 2018

All (379,489 objects)

  • csv (zipped 17.5 MB, unzipped 109 MB)
  • xml (zipped 22.7 MB, unzipped 383.9 MB)
  • json (zipped 20.3 MB, unzipped 215.8 MB)

African (19,001 objects)

  • csv (zipped 1 MB, unzipped 5.4 MB)
  • xml (zipped 1.3 MB, unzipped 17.2 MB)
  • json (zipped 1.2 MB, unzipped 9.9 MB)

American (152,757 objects)

  • csv (zipped 6.4 MB, unzipped 42.8 MB)
  • xml (zipped 8.4 MB, unzipped 160.2 MB)
  • json (zipped 7.4 MB, unzipped 87.7 MB)

Asian (22,435 objects)

  • csv (zipped 1.5 MB, unzipped 7.5 MB)
  • xml (zipped 1.9 MB, unzipped 24.2 MB)
  • json (zipped 1.7 MB, unzipped 14 MB)

Egyptian (47, 847 objects)

  • csv (zipped 1.6 MB, unzipped 13 MB)
  • xml (zipped 2.2 MB, unzipped 46.7 MB)
  • json (zipped 1.9 MB, unzipped 26.4 MB)

European (9,123 objects)

  • csv (zipped 356.3 KB, unzipped 2.6 MB)
  • xml (zipped 466.5 KB, unzipped 9.1 MB)
  • json (zipped 411.8 KB, unzipped 5 MB)

Historic (2,513 objects)

  • csv (zipped 146.4 KB, unzipped 765.5 KB)
  • xml zipped 183.9 KB, unzipped 2.4 MB)
  • json zipped 166.8 KB, unzipped 1.4 MB)

Mediterranean (28,081 objects)

  • csv (zipped 1.8 MB, unzipped 9.4 MB)
  • xml (zipped 2.4 MB, unzipped 32.4 MB)
  • json (zipped 2.1 MB, unzipped 18.6 MB)

Near East (73,992 objects)

  • csv (zipped 3.4 MB, unzipped 20.8 MB)
  • xml (zipped 4.3 MB, unzipped 68.6 MB)
  • json (zipped 3.9 MB, unzipped 39.4 MB)

Oceanian (22,065 objects)

  • csv (zipped 1.2 MB, unzipped 6.5 MB)
  • xml (zipped 1.6 MB, unzipped 21.8 MB)
  • json (zipped 1.4 MB, unzipped 12.7 MB)

What is available?

These files contain metadata about the objects in the Penn Museum collection. This usually includes information about what the object is, a brief physical description, dates, where it is from, and what it is made of. Some records will have more information than others. As a work in progress, the Museum continuously strives to improve both the quantity and quality of the data contained within the online collections database.

Some fields contain multiple values (e.g. Place Name, Material, and Other Number). In the CSV file, multiple values in these fields are seperated by a single pipe-bar character '|'. For complete documentation about the fields in these files please see the Help page.

What isn't available?

Unfortunately, images, information about where the object has been published, and its exhibtion history are not included in this dataset. These datasets may be added in the future.

What can I do with the data?

Anything! This data is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. However you use our data, we ask that you credit www.penn.museum and indicate if changes were made. If you build something let us know via email at online.collections@pennmuseum.org.