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Mrs. J. Shipley Dixon

Mrs. J. Shipley Dixon (Annette P. Dixon) , was a Philadelphia lady, traveler and amateur filmmaker. She seems to have most of her travel adventures after the passing of her first husband, Mr. Caspar Wistar Hacker, and before marrying her second husband, Mr. John Shipley Dixon, a University of Pennsylvania alumnus (1908 and 1911). According to her husband's obituary in the Philadelphia Inquirer of 8/10/1960, "(Mrs. Dixon) was well known for her interest in travel films". The films in the Dixon collection were donated to the Museum in 1941, soon after her second marriage. See also Mrs Dixon's earlier film, made during her first marriage

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India (1930)

Gripsholm Cruise 1940 #2

South Africa (1936)

Gripsholm Cruise 1940 #1

Europe 1938

1937 English Gardens

1938 Europe

South Africa

"10,000 Mile Motor Trip"

Philadelphia Gardens

1 - 23 of 23 Records