The 4,500-year-old crowning jewelry of a Mesopotamian queen. One of the world’s oldest wine vessels. A baby’s rattle. A school child’s first writing primer. A workman’s tool. The very first spreadsheet. Through these fascinating objects and over 1,200 more, the Penn Museum’s new Middle East Galleries will take you on a journey, exploring how ancient Mesopotamian societies gave rise to the world’s first cities—cities not so different from our own.

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Making the Middle East Galleries: Journey to the City

Penn Museum Williams Director, Julian Siggers and Executive Director of Galleries, Dan Rahimi, tell us the importance of the Middle East and its influence on life today. Learn how the Neolithic was essential to human development and gave rise to the world's first cities-cities not so different from our own. [Promotional film]

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Making the Middle East Gallery: Conserving the Objects

Head Conservator, Lynn Grant, explains how Museum conservators work with objects before they go into the gallery. Each object must be carefully examined and given a unique treatment plan. Conservationist, Marci Jefcoat Burton, demonstrates her approach for stabilizing the Al 'Ubaid columns from Iraq. Learn more about the Middle East Galleries at penn.museum/meg

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Making the Middle East Galleries: The 99%

What do archaeologists know about the common man? With less objects left behind, how are we able to reconstruct every day life? William B. Hafford of the Near East section, tells us about the importance of even the simplest of objects and how every artifact carries many stories.

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Making the Middle East Galleries: From Bronze to Iron

Objects leave behind clues for future generations to decipher. Dr. Lauren Ristvet discovered one of these clues in an ancient sword from Luristan made just as the region was transitioning from using bronze to iron.

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Installation of the Middle East Galleries

Watch as the Penn Museum staff installs objects in the new Middle East Galleries. With time, patience, and a great amount of care, the gallery is prepared for its opening on April 21, 2018!