Ethiopia 1969 Reel 17 of 65


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Film Id:F16-0360
Film Description:Reel 17 of 65
Unedited travelogue


Reel 17 of 65

Pottery for sale (pan).
Vases, bowls.
Grain grinding stone (dark).
Grinding grain by hand using two stones.
Pounding raw clay using wooden mortar and pestle.
Clay stove or cupboard in home.
Skin covered chair (very dark).
Clay cupboard, niches, clay jug with gourd (very dark).
Clay stove or fireplace: note 4" posts to hold dish.
Huts in yard: outside view.
Potter forming base of large clay pot by hand on stone or clay base
no wheel.
Forming sidewalls. Smoothing surface (*see K's notes).
"Toeing in" upper sidewalls to form opening for neck.
Forming neck: note four toes of pattern, oddly bent.
Form two handles, decorating.
Base and sidewalls of a pot, finishing pot: note leaf to smooth lip,
Forming an nub for carrying a rope.
People and children.
Skin covered chair used by Kintner.
Huts in yard (pan shots).
Branch and stick corral top used to store straw.
Hut with door.
Open fire kiln, pots.
Injera bread.
Straw covered bee hives.
Opening in bee hive.
Building under construction, straw hut.
Polishing a clay vessel using blue beads as an abrasive.
Preparing open kiln for firing the Clay figures of Reel 341.
Breaking wood.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Gondar, Welega, Teda, Injera
Tags: Gondar | Injera | Teda | Welega
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