Turkey 1967 Reel 44 of 52


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Film Id:F16-0335
Film Description:Reel 44 of 52
Unedited travelogue


Pamukkale. Kusadasi. Efes.[Ephesus]

Rope making machine: feeding in fiber using cloth hand-guard (cu).
Girl turning wheel of machine by pulling rope.
Pulley, anchored end.
Girl attaching rope to turning end.
Threshing: horse-drawn flint sledge: note attachment of yoke tongue to sledge, wooden collar, pads protecting horse.
"Cascade" rock formation. Flowering plants in dry soil (pan shot).
Roman ruin.
Man-made channel. Stone trough. "Cascades."
Clay vessels encrusted with calcium salt for sale (some cu).
Fig orchard.
Female fig buds, male buds on string.
Fighting camel: one hump, hair cut, skin oiled.
Ruins of Efes [Ephesus] (distant): pan of seat area.
At stage level: three promenades, area where stone seats were placed.
Orchestra wall from stage level.
Seats (cu).
Marble cylinder. Center orchestra area.
Carved stone : hexagon in center.
Stage column stubs.
Stage entrances: side view.
Corridor backstage.
Main street from backstage.
Massive backstage corridor.
Chariot ruts in marble street, from backstage area.
Marble wall on marble street (west side): holes where metal clamps
Brothel section
Street of Kuertes.
Hadrian temple. Carving.
Carving on Hadrian Arch.
Arch: four views (100 mm)
Fountain of Hadrian.
Top or end of Kuertes street.
Two columns with relief figures
Statue: half relief.
Columns in a line at right angles to Kuertes Street.
Town hall: two columns.
The Odeon (small theatre).
Theatre on mountainside.
Harbor street: paved, between lines of columns.
Clay drainage pipes.
Street with wall.
Hitching post on column.
Thick column with nine alcove niches.
Carving of cow: nostrils, blood vessels prominent.
Two brick arches on stone base on side of Harbor street.
Drainage ditch, man-hole cover.
Entrance to shop: remains of marble door, curb with spaces for
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Turkey, Pamukkale, Kuşadası, Efes, Ephesus, Greek antiquities
Tags: Efes | Ephesus | Greek antiquities | Kuşadası | Pamukkale | Turkey
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