Great Myths and Legends: The Arabian Nights: Medieval Fantasy and Modern Forgery


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Film Description:The Arabian Nights is probably the medieval Arabic book best known in the west, full of ripping yarns and vivid characters that have influenced film, music, and literature for centuries. But did you know that some of its most cherished tales, such as those of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves, Sindbad, and even Aladdin, were added by modern European translators? Dr. Cobb offers a walkthrough of the fascinating history of this rambling book from its origins in ancient Middle Eastern myths to its status as European bestseller during the Enlightenment.
Dr. Paul Cobb, Professor of Islamic History, University of Pennsylvania
Video Category:Lecture
Video Date:06/01/2016
Contributor: Paul M Cobb
Tags: Arab people | Great Adventures lecture series

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