Reel No. 6: Oceania (1940)


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Time: 25:40  

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Film Id:F16-0692
Film Description:Edited travelogue
with narrative titles
Australia (Port Darwin, Sydney, Melbourne)
New Zealand (Wellington, Thermal District)
American Samoa (Pago Pago)


Title: Sydney Harbour
Scenes of the harbor
Title: Blue Mountains
Looks a bit like Grand Canyon
Ornamental grasses
Title: Bottle brush
Demonstrating how the flower looks like a bottle
Title: Wallabies
Shots of small jumping wallabies from above
Title; Jenolin Caves
Title Kangaroos
Mrs Dixon [?] attempting to feed a kangaroo
Title Koala bear park
Koalas all over the trees.
Again feeding kangaroos.
People patting the bears in front of a sign that says "Please do not touch the bears"
Title: Melbourne, Tuberose begonias.
Flowers in a greenhouse.
Planes flying in formation
Title: Botanical garden
Scenes of flowering shrubs
Title: Black swam, Native of Australia
With a little girl and a lady attempts to feed them.
Ornamental grasses
Ocean from shipboard
Title: "New Zealand: The Scenic Playground of the Pacific"
Title: Wellington Harbour
Scenes of harbor from clifftop
Title: Trout streams
Gushing rivers
Title: Blow hole a natural vent of dry steam in the thermal district
The steam, and a piece of newspaper catching fire from its heat
Tossing objects in to the flume of heat to throw upward
Walking down from the geyser
A smoking landscape
Trickling water from mountainside
Geysers, bubbling mud
Title: The bridal veil
A particular waterfall over rocks with steam
Roaring river
Teapots getting heated in hot springs
Title: A Mauri baby
A lady holds up her infant son in diapers in the doorway of her home, smiling
View of the air strip.
Title: Suva Fiji
The harbor from the docks. Men gazing at the camera
Title: A native village
Fijian people, some in costumes for tourists, others standing around. Some in full ceremonial regalia
People on the beach
Beach hut
Title: Policemen
Two Fiji men in local police costumes, then Mrs. Dixon holding hands with one, swinging arms
Title: Fire walkers
A large pit. In the distance onlookers, including tourists. Preparing the pit. Mounding grasses on the flanes. People seem to be in grass skirts as well.
Title: Nukalofa, Friendly Islands
People walking towards the cameras. Curious children
The surf hitting rocks at shoreline and blowholes
Title: Flying foxes
A tree full of what look like hanging bats
Title: Pago Pago American Samoa
Young children posing in front of homes.
Other people near their homes
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Mrs. J. Shipley Dixon
Topics:Touring, Tourism, Australia, Port Darwin, Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand, Wellington, Thermal District, Geysers, Fiji, Nukalofa, American Samoa, Pago Pago
Tags: American Samoa | Australia | Fiji | Geysers | Melbourne | New Zealand | Nuku'alofa, (Tonga) | Pago pago | Port Darwin | Sydney | Thermal District | Tourism | Wellington
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