The Lod Mosaic and the Religious Landscapes of Late Antiquity


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Film Description:The Lod Mosaic, excavated in 2009 in Lod, Israel, has much to tell us when we understand its historical context. At this panel discussion, several experts offer insight into various aspects of the mosaic as they relay information on the mosaic tradition, the images depicted on this floor mosaic, and the historical and religious context of Israel at the time the mosaic was constructed, around 300 CE. Participants include Dr. C. Brian Rose, Curator-in-Charge, Mediterranean Section; Dr. Annette Reed, Assistant Professor, Religious Studies; Dr. Julia Wilker, Assistant Professor, Classical Studies; and Dr. Ann Kuttner, Associate Professor, History of Art.
Video Category:Lecture
Video Date:04/21/2013
Contributor: Annette Reed

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