Temple of Kukulkan in Mayapan


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Film Description:The leaders of new Postclassic polities looked to the past for
inspiration and for practical ways to reinforce their authority.
At the same time, these leaders succeeded by reformulating the
failed socioeconomic, political, and ideological foundations of
past Maya states. Their most immediate inspiration was the
legendary city of Chichen Itza. During its heyday Chichen
Itza reached far beyond the Maya area to secure resources and
exchange ideas throughout Mesoamerica. Its successors did
the same, and continued to import new products and con
-cepts that fostered further changes to Maya society.
After the fall of Chichen Itza, a new capital arose at Mayapan,
which continued many of the political, eco-nomic, military,
and religious institutions found at ChichenItza and which
became the dominant power in the northern lowlands.
Video Category:Lecture
Video Date:05/06/2012
Contributor: Marilyn Masson

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