1936 South America


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Film Id:F16-0431
Film Description:Segments

Unedited travelogue; Paraguay; Chile; Bolivia; Peru; Ecuador

Unidentified marketplace
Pile of pots for sale
Market scenes
Man with large elaborate birdcage
Unidentified mountain
Men playing cards on the deck of a boat, tilt up to reveal coastline traversed
Unidentified cityscape ringed by mountains
Unidentified mountain
[Quechua or Aymara women]washing laundry by a stream and waterfall
Orange trees
[Quechua or Aymara women] grinding corn with metate and mano.
Husking or peeling seeds. Kate Tode sitting behind.
Kate sampling their food.
Infant lying next to women working.
Duck and ducklings waddling nearby.
Train travel through mountains.
[Quechua or Aymara]travelers in traditional and western clothes eating on the train platform.
Loading cargo in to steamer.
[Quechua or Aymara people] selling vegetables in harbor market.
On a large lake, possibly Lake Titicaca.
Rough surf at oceanside.
Men riding mid-air on a crane basket with cargo over to a smaller boat from the steamer ship.
An anglo woman transfers to the same small motor boat on the crane arm, sitting in a wooden chair to go down, and several more transfers of cargo.
An anglo man and a baby go down in the same manner.
Kate Tode makes the trip
Large oceanliner
Unidentified coastal city
Arthur Tode on cruise ship: Santa Barbara New York, lettering on lifebuoy.
Loading and unloading ships, stevedores, cargo on smaller boats including bananas
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Arthur and Kate Tode (Kahop)
Topics:Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Street scenes, Marketplaces, Ceramics, Stevedores, Shipping, Metates
Tags: Bolivia | Ceramics | Chile | Ecuador | Marketplaces | Metates | Paraguay | Peru | Shipping | Stevedores | Street scenes
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