Cyprus 1969 Reel 54 of 65


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Film Description:Reel 54 of 65
Unedited travelogue


Reel 54 of 65
Unedited travelogue


Additional notes from Mr.Yiannis Neophytou received in June 2009 by email:

The couple seen at the beginning of the video are Mrs Eleni Papalouca
Postatzis, with her husband Mr. Michalis Postatzis. Mr. Michalis Postatzis
is the same old person who used to prepare several rope and chains
accessories for donkeys and horses.

The second part of the video is with Mrs Sophronia Theodorou. The Ceramics
used to prepare [are still made] until today - are for decoration purposes well know for the village tradition all over Cyprus.

The names of the two kids at the end of the video are - Despoula Anastasiou
- The little girl from next door and the boy is Mrs Sophonias son, Antonis

Cat. Reel 397 1969: Reel 54: Cyprus. June 20. Phini.

(Phini, a pottery village known for ornate
red clay pieces and very large clay vessels).

Pounding raw clay using a club.
Platform on potter's wheel. Forming a pot by hand on wheel,
Forming inner layer from clay coil.
Note "belly band" supports.
Toeing-in neck, finishing mouth.
Forming the spout (delicately).
Attaching handle, concave where it joins lip.
Making a large pot (takes several days: the largest, 6 feet high, takes [several] days. (underexposed).
Making pot: smoothing belly, attaching "belly band."
Smoothing bottom of pot, using hand tool.
Working on bridle: note chain bit; bridle is of woven rope.
Making very decorative pottery: floral decorations, some figures: note how finger forms long neck.
Forming and attaching handle.
Adding ledge or ring of clay.
Cutting large hole and ringing it with clay discs.
Decorating the discs, using a stick.
Further decorating: adding raised-clay design.
Punching holes in pot.
Intricate piece before firing: a forest of spires surmounted by birds, (overexposed).
Finished pieces, resembling elaborate crowns, (mcu, cu).
Intricate pot. Children.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Contributor: Notes received from Mr. Yiannis Neophytou, June 2009 by email
Topics:Phini, Ceramics, Pottery
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