Cyprus 1969 Reel 51 of 65


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Film Description:Reel 51 of 65
Unedited travelogue


Reel 51 of 65
Unedited travelogue

Cat. Reel 391 1969: Reel 51: Cyprus. June 18. Kornos.

Pressing a platform onto clay knobs on potter's wheel.
Working clay on wheel: flattening top, making cavity using fists.
Rapid shaping of the large open pot.
Adding clay coil to top.
Working walls of pot.
Attaching supporting "bellyband" to pot.
Forming neck toeing-in, forming mouth of pot.
Adding clay coil to mouth.
Smoothing walls and lit).
Forming a small pouring lip.
Kiln: used at Kornos.
Kiln: opening for loading.
Kiln: inside view.
Kiln: opening for the fire.
Kiln: entrance.
Chimney with temperature control lid.
Forming small vase using finger, stick, a smoothing cloth and
Potter’s wheel.
Decorating using a small stick.
Shaping small clay cylinder, using forefinger and thumb alternately
to form walls.
Finishing vase: necking-in, making lip, using cloth and stick.
Adding "flutes" to lip of pot.
Decorating bowl of vase by gouging a pattern.
Finishing outside of another pot, using two sticks: note "belly
band" on pot.
Decorating the lips: fluting using finger- tips.
Adding design using roller-seal, also gouging and using a stick.
Finishing design using stick.
Finished multi-vase pot.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Kornos, Ceramics, Pottery
Tags: Ceramics | Kornos | Pottery
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