Jordan 1969 Reel 42 of 65


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Film Description:Reel 42 of 65
Unedited travelogue


Cat. Reel 385 1969: Reel 42: Jordan Petra. Karak. June 4-5

Mountains: note tomb entrance, homes, "unfinished tomb", Jupiter Temple, red door of museum (distant pan shot).
Drainage arch along Roman street.
Jupiter Temple
"Unfinished tomb".
Roman carved stone near museum.
Carvings on doorway lintel: note that carvers worked from top down on cliff face (cu).
Nabataean pottery (slightly out of focus).
Roman carved relief heads, striated rocks in background.
Tile pipes, probably Nabataean.
Stone flour mill : holes for handle to rotate mill (mcu).
Palace tomb, Corinthian tomb, urn Temple: view from Roman road (pan shot).
Drainage ditch cut into Roman road.
Triumphal arch, distant mountains.
Palace tomb, Corinthian tomb, Urn Temple, tombs (distant shot).
Petra mountains, view while leaving Petra.
Bakery (pan shot).
Perpendicular stone boundary markers.
Old town of Wadi Musa (distant pan shot).
Threshing floor.
Family compounds, stone enclosures.
Camels at pasture.
Roadside scenes: distant countryside.
Wall of Karak Castle: slits for archers.
Karak Castle ruins: interior. [Qir of Moab]
Man at gate.
Two arched entrances.
Converging "portholes" for arrows.
Long room or corridor, roof made of small rocks.
Converging "portholes:" plugged by loose stones.
Room (underexposed).
Long corridor (underexposed). Note slabs to support table top.
Holes in roof.
"Porthole" plugged by stones.
Small alcoves. Dining room:
Catapult balls.
Room, probably a storeroom:
Long subterranean corridor.
Arches, walls, etc. above corridor.
Sidewalls, on side of mountain.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Petra, Karak, Nabataean ruins, Roman antiquities
Tags: Al-Karak | Nabataean ruins | Petra | Roman antiquities
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