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Film Id:F16-0383
Film Description:Reel 40 of 65
Unedited travelogue


Cat. Reel 383 1969: Reel 40: Jordan, Petra. June 2 -3.

Upper park of large facade carved in cliff.
2 mountains through which Romans took Petra (about 106 A.D.)
2 men on horseback.
Facades, stone steps, tombs, pillars: note carvings on facades (25 mm, 100 mm
Tombs in mountain side. Pan shot to Roman theatre: tombs cut away to make seats.
Cut-away tombs, passageway entrance.
Front of stage from backstage.
Backstage. Alcoves, entrances: view from orchestra area.
Passageway entrances opposite those above. Seats (pan shot).
Arch of entrance passageway. (100 mm).
Cut-away tombs: note weathering.
Palace tomb: 4 entrances (pan).
Palace tomb: middle section, upper section.
Space between Palace Tomb and Corinthian tomb.
First door, corner construction, small tombs under cliff.
Door, large room with altar in back.
Door. Interior chamber.
Door. Upper studs, interior.
Sidewalls of Corinthian tomb: note channel for storing rainwater and preventing erosion.
Corinthian temple: lower part, then to top of three facades, (pan shot).
Door and inner chamber (pan shot).
Door and inner chamber with pillars.
Veining and weathering beside Corinthian tomb.
Ordinary tomb with striations and 2 doors, one above the other.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Petra, Nabataean ruins, Roman antiquities
Tags: Nabataean ruins | Petra | Roman antiquities
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