Turkey 1967 Reel 46 of 52


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Film Description:Reel 46 of 52
Unedited travelogue


Reel 46 of 52
Unedited travelogue

Cat. Reel 337 1967: Reel 46: Turkey Didyma [Didim]. Efes. Izmir.

Side of Apollo Temple (Didyma, ninth century B.C.) Ionian columns.
Head of Medusa.
Columns, bases, on pronaos,
Three carved designs at column bases (mcu).
View between columns.
Place of the Oracle: wall, column, steps.
Wall at Place of the Oracle.
Carved lintels: griffins.
Base of column: two parts in iron clamp. Pivot holes.
Loaded camel.
Carved sarcophagus (Efes museum).
Statuette with carvings on it.
Statue of a woman.
Broken statue of prone boy.
Statue with long hair.
Statue of rising man.
Carved head of a man.
Statuette with carvings on it.
Relief figures on statue (cu).
Statue of woman.
Carved head of man.
Statue of a woman.
Wall painting or mosaic figure .
Wall painting or mosaic design.
Wall painting or mosaic of a man.
Carvings on a statuette. Carved animals (cu).
Two relief carvings: Socrates' death.
Carved tomb or sarcophagus.
Concave stone hemisphere: lines like a sundial.
Stone horse.
Museum: stone objects.
Stone boy on dolphin.
Floor mosaics.
Agora columns (Izmir, Second Century A.D. *See K's notes).
Stone carved foot of Artemis.
Carved Poseidon.
Poseidon's foot, sandal.
Arches below present ground level.
Five-legged arches supporting present ground floor (*see K's diagram)
Diagram of 3-story floor plan.
Turkish stone tombs.
Carved Arabic script on flat stone.
Carved mosque.
Carving of many buildings.
Arches that supported many shops, now below ground level.
Byzantine aqueduct: double support in center.
Parallel aqueduct.
Three clay pots (Izmir museum).
Roman's head.
Lion head.
Mythological figure.
Soldier with sword.
Soldier with round shield.
Man on horse.
Man on horse: note bridle.
Two men with horses.
Man on horse, tree, woman.
Two catapult balls.
Carved sarcophagus: figure of a man.
Carved sarcophagus top: figures of man and woman.
Carved alcoves: man and woman, people at tables.
Carving: lion, hunter with spear.
Carving: two men carrying boar.
Carving: goat.
Carving: fish or dolphin.
Ancient Izmir (Smyrna):
Stone walls: nicely fitted.
Ruins of building.
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