Turkey 1967 Reel 43 of 52


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Film Id:F16-0334
Film Description:Reel 43 of 52
Unedited travelogue
en route to Pamukkale


Reel 43 of 52
Unedited travelogue
en route to Pamukkale

Cat. Reel 334 1967: Reel 43: Turkey. June 15-17. Aspendos. Side. En-route to Pamukkale.

Seats (pan).
Seats, arched rooms.
High rooms with small windows, inside main entrances.
Steps at mid-promenade.
Upper arches: outside support of arch is concave, brick.
View from promenade to upper arches: brick work.
Arches: concave section; bricks gone.
Reconstructed section: the facing.
Reconstructed upper arches.
Upper arches, (pan shot).
Mr. Kintner (very good shot).
Theater, Athena Temple: side view (distant shot).
Seats: note arches of promenade.
Massive arched circular corridor running under seats.
Backstage debris.
Seats of orchestra section (pan shot).
View of theater from orchestra area: pan of upper half of seat
area showing alcoves, probably shops.
Stone carving of Demeter.
Stone carving: leaf, spiral.
Statue of a lady: head only.
Statue of lady: note folds of shawl.
Carved foot of animal "supporting" seat: cutaway section for feet.
Outside pillars, corridor, supporting upper part of theater.
Mosaic floor.
Vaulted passageway.
Arches supporting upper part of theater: outside view.
Rows of columns along street (street formerly had mosaic)
Words carved on stone tablet.
Remains of gate, arch: built in part with broken columns.
Small, minor temple.
Lead groove in cross-section of pillar.
Catapult ball.
Stone carving: helmets, sword.
Carving: knot on "doublet."
Carving: sword.
Carved sarcophagus with broken top: carved birds and window.
Stone drain for water.
Capital with two carved faces.
Elaborate carved base of column.
The Agora: note columns, walls, niches, pillared alcove, statue.
Tower of theatre: cross-section of columns within base of wall.
Athena temple (pan shot).
Statue in corner of wall in alcove: possibly Athena.
Capital, cornices atop reconstructed pillars.
Alcove: carved "clam shell" design.
Broken "clam shell" on ground.
Broken carved design.
Live snails.
Wall of building: large alcove.
Two arches of Roman aqueduct.
Farms (en-route to Pamukkale): large walled-in areas of brush or stone.
Large calcareous formations in lake, along shore.
Flour mill: wheat fed automatically to stone grinding wheels: note "arm" against wheel to shake grain through feeder funnel (8fps, good mcu)
Ground flour falling into bin.
Donkey carrying wood: pipeline runs to mill.
Mill: wooden pipeline, pan up hill to another mill with pipeline: note steps.
Water flowing from mill.
Pipeline along hill: many leaks.
"Stream" leaked from pipeline. (Farmer pays 1kg. flour for grinding
15 kg).
Rope making apparatus:
Wheel: hand powered and operated (cu).
Shaft operating spindle that twists rope.
Feeding fiber to revolving rope: note leather in operator's
hand (mcu, cu)
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Aspendos, Side, Pamukkale, Greek antiquities, Roman antiquities
Tags: Aspendos | Greek antiquities | Pamukkale | Roman antiquities | Side
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