Tunisia 1967 Reel 34 of 52


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Film Id:F16-0325
Film Description:Reel 34 of 52
Unedited travelogue
Bulla Regis


Cat. Reel 325, 1967: Reel 34: Tunisia. April 28-30. Carthage. Bulla Regia.

Punic tombs (for sacrifice of children): carved stone.
Six mosaics on floor: men, animals, fish (cu).
Wall mosaic of woman (Carthage museum) (cu, mcu).
Theater ruins.
Three half-relief marble statues (Carthage museum).
Punic water jugs. Catapult balls (museum).
Stone grain mill.
Catapult balls.
Antonius Bath (pan shot).
Broken column; large diameter.
Antonius bath: general views.
Large carved capital.
Arch construction.
Cistern (at Carthage): Note arch ( one cu).
Lion pens (Bulla Regia).
Wide Roman street.
Column socket.
Roman bath: high wall, sun-god symbol on keystone (cu).
Flat double arch. Bath wall.
Flat arch, nearby fallen.
Wall of bath: one column for two arches.
Temple: Eight stubs of columns: bath in background.
Theater: side entrance, seats, balustrade, steps, entrance, etc.
(pan shot).
Stage: side view: alcoves in front of stage.
Balustrade wall, (cu).
Post hole: live snails.
Rope hole: probably for awning.
Hole: possibly hitching post. (cu).
Theater: rear, one entrance.
Chariot wheel tracks.
Curved corridor under seats.
Stone projection to protect wall from chariot wheels.
Seats: pan across area.
Stone mortar in Roman Villa.
Broken mortar.
Hollow cylinder: mortar (?).
Excavation for underground home.
Large oil mill, Grain mill.
Underground home: note decorated capital.
Tile floor.
Base of column. Mosaic. Capital for underground garden (pan).
Corridor mosaic floor.
Mosaic floor (cu).
Mosaic floors: underground.
Columns (pan to sky.).
Underground home: Five holes for fountain water.
Mosaic of fish: note teeth, (cu).
Corridor. Rooms. Toilet (some dark, out of focus).
Underground home: upper structure (Bulla Regia).
Village scenes: children playing.
An unmarked transition from Tunisia to Turkey occurs in the next
few scenes:
Harvesting wheat (en-route to Tunis): note stocking of wheat with pitchforks.
Women working in field.
Small caravan of camels, donkeys
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Punic antiquities, Roman antiquities, Carthage, Bulla Regia
Tags: Bulla Regia | Carthage | Punic antiquities | Roman antiquities
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