Tunisia 1967 Reel 32 of 52


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Film Id:F16-0323
Film Description:Reel 32 of 52
Unedited travelogue
Kairouan Nomad Camps


Cat. Reel 323 1967: Reel 32: Tunisia. April 24-25. Kairouan Nomad Camps.

Mihrab: niche in mosque indicating direction of Mecca.(at Great Mosque in Kairouan).
Stained glass window.
Carved stone. (cu).
Carved stone: flowers, an abstract.
Pillars in Prayer Hall (under repair).
Massive carved wooden door to Prayer Hall.
Prayer Hall: interior: note brickwork of arches.
Brick minaret.
Sundial (?): Carved floor pattern.
Capital used for access to cistern in Mosque courtyard: hollow
stub of pillar, serrated by rope-wear.
Rope-worn slip of cistern.
Carved stone door.
Domed Prayer Hall: view from courtyard, (pan shot).
Red flag to signal approach of prayer time.
Marble pillar with carved capital.
Brick wall around Great Mosque.
Entrance gate: double arches.
Mosque of the Barber: tile work (outside of Kairouan wall).
Tile work in vestibule.
Stucco as at Koubba: geometric pattern (cu).
Tile in oratory.
Tile in corner, (mcu).
Tile in courtyard with oratory.
Carving over door.
Tiled tower.
Mosque of the Barber:
Carved gravestone (?): Arabic script (cu).
Reservoir basin of the Aghlabids.
Kairouan Nomad Camps.
Tribal Village:
Family enclosures. People. Cactus and twig barrier (pan shot).
Mud hut. (some underexposed).
Mud hut: surrounded by cactus. Pan shot of homes.
Small migration by donkey.
Nomad camp: cooking vessel, three tents.
Salt deposits in a marsh land.
Nomad: tents in a line, brush windbreaks.
Tents: interior: jug, blankets.
Tribal woman.
Camel train loaded with straw or hay.
Tribal tents, old woman, brush windbreak.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Kairouan Nomad Camps, Mosques, Islamic architecture
Tags: Islamic architecture | Kairouan Nomad Camps | Mosques
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