Afghanistan 1965 Reel 38 of 40


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Film Id:F16-0289
Film Description:Reel 38 of 40
Unedited travelogue
Jam Majid


Cat. Reel 289 1965: Reel 38: Afghanistan. June 21. Herat. Jama Masjid.

Mosaic tile in alcove (Jama Masjid).
Mosaic details (cu).
Mosque exterior.
Scaffolding on minaret.
Mosque exterior. Tile (many cu).
Courtyard: arched window or door (pan shot).
Courtyard scenes. A gate.
Minaret (ws).
Top of minaret: note absence of tile.
Metal cauldron molded with Persian script: note handles (xcu).
Minaret (100 mm)pan.
Mosaic shop attached to Jama Masjid
Making mosaic design: chipping at clay pieces by hand
Mosaic of 52 pieces: front and back views (mcu).
Mosaic design stenciled on tile (mcu).
Mosaic: front and back, showing loose pieces (mcu).
Cut-out base or frame for mosaic, before tile insertion (mcu).
Cut-out base: rear view.
The four tools used in mosaic making (cu).
Tile mosaic: prayer-rug design, 113 pieces of chipped tile.
Polishing completed tile by hand (very underexposed).
Prying completed mosaic form floor with crowbar.
Polishing completed mosaic (much underexposed).
Fitting tile bits into mosaic stencil.
Shaping square tile bits: hand tool (cu).
Drilling hole in tile: hand drill (cu).
Chipping out a piece of tile, fitting piece into stencil design (cu)
Boy filing edge of tile.
Completed, polished piece of tile (cu).
Mosaic shop: dark interior.
Brick kiln: donkeys carrying dried bricks to kiln. Ruins in
background: probably the source of clay.
Scooping water to fill skin bags.
Factory: general views. Old brick-built kiln.
Sprinkling sand into brick mold, "slapping" in the moist clay.
Clay vat: mound of clay and water to be mixed.
Removing clay from mold.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Herat, Jama Masjid, Mosques, Mosaic construction
Tags: Herat | Jama Masjid | Mosaic construction | Mosques
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