Japan 1965 Reel 23 of 40


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Film Id:F16-0274
Film Description:Reel 23 of 40
Unedited travelogue
Rengaya town
Hokozaki shrine
Razaifa Hachima shrine


Reel 23 of 40
Unedited travelogue
Rengaya town
Hokozaki shrine
Razaifa Hachima shrine

Cat. Reel 274 1965: Reel 23: Japan. May 8-9. Fukuoka. Rengaya town. Mongolian ruins.

At a doll shop:
Sculpting clay figure on rotating stand using knife and
fingers (cu of doll face).
Putting "flat" clay into mold, pressing by hand.
Mold halves put together.
Mold halves: showing the fit.
Separating mold: a figure's leg with "crab" excess on leg.
Clay figures: wide-brim hat.
Clay figures: one in pink.
Pouring plaster of paris into a mold from which another mold
will be made.
Partly assembled clay figure.
Many figures in various stages of being painted.
Clay figure: woman with baby, partly painted.
Clay figure: a woman.
Dolls on bench: florescent lighting.
Workers at table, painting figures.
Trimming molded spout to fit body of pot, using hand tool.
Trimming sections of a pot.
Punching strainer holes in pot.
Putting spout on pot.
Loom: hand shuttle.
Lacquered vessel (underexposed).
Shrine: drum (Relics of Mongol invasion preserved
in shrine): interior views.
Picture of Mongol Anchor Chain. Explanatory signboard.
Donation board
Ruin of Mongol wall.
Picture painted on wood.
Carved figure behind screen.
Shrine in Rengaya Town:
Treasure House: Carved animal with big eyes. Stone work(cu).
Large gong.
Large drum.
Partly gilded lion.
Door: bronze fittings (cu).
Carved animal on altar.
Painted, carved wooden panels on wall near ceiling.
Bronze animal.
Paintings on side of wall (generally underexposed, out of focus).
Two-wheeled carriage (underexposed).
Scroll painting: figures
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Fukuoka, Rengaya, Hokozaki, Dolls, Handcrafts, Mongolian ruins, Mongolian antiquities
Tags: Dolls | Fukuoka | Handcrafts | Hokozaki | Mongolian antiquities | Mongolian ruins | Rengaya
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