Japan 1965 Reel 10 of 40


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Film Id:F16-0261
Film Description:Reel 10 of 40
Unedited travelogue
Hachiman (Bamboo Village)

Steaming bamboo (under exposed)
Wiping culms(stems)
Straightening culms
Bonsai pot stand or lantern. Bamboo cages.
Bamboo bending: bamboo cut-outs used.
Bamboo screen.
Split bamboo held by wire.
Trimming, splitting bamboo using knife.
Making bamboo mats: note baby on woman's back-typical.
Weaving basket by hand (cu).
Baby on mother's back (cu).
Making bamboo rings by hand.
Splitting bamboo using knife.
Making red bamboo object.
Workers in bamboo shop.
Bamboo cage.
Shop owner's home: furnishings, ornaments.
Restaurant: dark interior
RR crossing: rope guard gate
Spiral rail spike.
Bell, log hammer.
Castle: stone wall.
Stone water reservoir.
Daigo-ji Temple:
Guardian demons at entrance: wooden (cu).
Lanterns, curtains along an arcade
5-story pagoda.
Pagoda: structural details.
Tile roof.
MAIN HALL: interior views:
Offerings: vases of flowers
Altar: dark
Ashes of fire on circular stone
Carving: figure with sword.
Bell, log hammer.
Tent (outdoor shop?)
Stone carving: seated figures.
Decoration on top of building (100 mm).
Altar: dark interior.
3 statues.
Byodoin [Byodo-in] Temple:
4 wisteria trees on framework.
Plain, rice fields (ws)
Child's shrine
Tea plantation (ws)
Farm house; thatched roof.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Kyoto, Buddhist temples, Hachiman, Bamboo village, Daigo-ji, Byodo-in, Bonsai
Tags: Bamboo village | Bonsai | Buddhist temples | Byodo-in | Daigo-ji | Hachiman | Kyoto
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