Iran 1963 Reel 19 of 25


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Film Id:F16-0245
Film Description:Reel 19 of 25
Unedited travelogue


Cat. Reel 245 1963: Reel 19: Iran
Hamadan. Tehran. April 30.

Old inn.
Two - story house.
Inscription (at Behistun).
One - room house.
Weaving: crude loom, by hand , apparently not using knots (cu).
Stick - slatted window in clay home.
Girl applying dung to wall.
Musical instruments.
Skin on circular frame.
Drum: double action.
Tubular drum.
Tribal people on donkeys.
Weighing: crude scales, stone weights.
Bones in saddle bag.
Courtyard. Entrance to underground chamber for animals.
Crude horizontal loom for weaving cloth band.
Weaving: using hand shuttle.
Village wall, towers.
Threshing: trampling earth to make a thresing floor.
Old Abbas inn.
Clay homes.
Reed basket: neatly made.
Threshing "machine": wooden (cu).
Millstones: hand operated.
Mended wooden shovel.
Winnowing grain.
High class coffee shops.
Kalaku [?] tribe: herdsmen, not owners: tents.
Camel saddle. Tent.
Felt coat.
Spinning scenes: hand held spindles.
Cooking milk.
People. Tents.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Hamadan, Tehran, Abbas, Mount Behistun, Behistun inscription
Tags: Abbas | Behistun inscription | Hamadan | Mount Behistun | Tehran
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