Iran 1963 Reel 15 of 25


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Film Id:F16-0241
Film Description:Reel 15 of 25
Unedited travelogue


Cat. Reel 241 1963: Reel 15: Iran. Shiraz. April 19.

Swing cradle in tent.
Felt overcoat.
Camel saddle.
Making curd: milk in goatskin.
Yarn on rope line.
Woman waking a sleeping man.
Skin of water.
Colored camel saddlebag.
Girl with baby.
Making bread: rolling, cooking.
Tents in distance: note nature of soil.
Camel, injured, on rocky mountain.
Woman spinning: hand held spindle.
Fire in pit. Pots.
Water vessel.
Groups of people.
Fire, pots.
Cradle swing, baby.
Porous water container. Clay water vessel on a stand.
Tower. Village wall.
Villagers at water hole.
Building a wall; hand used as trowel.
Steps to roof: note bridge between roofs.
Wooden mortar.
Square anvil.
Camels on move.
Tribal people.
Spinning: hand-held spindle. Note necklaces and coins (cu).
Tribal weaving: horizontal loom.
Village roofs.
Wall of hill village.
Raising water: horse, wheel, bucket: note "automatic" water release
Making thin bread: note use of stick (cu).
Full water skins.
Thatched house: narrow doorway.
Village views.
Tribal camp.
Bread making: inverted baking pan.
Inside tent. Sheep in tent.
Making water bag: pulling hair from the goatskin.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Shiraz, Spinning
Tags: Shiraz | Spinning
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