French Morocco 1951 Reel 7 of 10

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Film Id:F16-0057
Film Description:Reel 7 of 10
Unedited travelogue
Moulay Idriss


1951: Reel 7: French Morocco. July 3-4. Fez, Meknes and Moulay Idriss.

Pottery making, using wheel, [cu]
Kiln being fired.
Pottery drying.
Weighing charcoal.
Boy. [walking away from camera ]
Small store.
More pottery.
Clay being tempered.
Another kiln constructed from broken pottery.
Carrying load of straw.
Women threshing along road. [5 shots: mws and cu ]
Threshing with horses, [ws]
Village outside Fez.
Thatched roof building and rectangular enclosure, [on way to Meknes]
Unusual homes and huts.
Getting water from stream.
Thatched home.
Unusual homes, some cylindrical, [four different dwellings ]
Oasis, [few over-ex frames]
Row of palm trees. [2frames scratched]
People on way to town.
City wall, Meknes.
Modern home.
Meknes: different hut constructions.
Canal system and city park. [5 ws]
Animal, [cu: gazelle?]
Outside of town.
Waterwheel showing dam construction.
Shaft and bearing of wheel.
Water being discharged.
Another waterwheel.
Barren hills, [one frame over-exposed and perforated]
Moroccan people and hills. [2 cu, man and woman
Village and home of unusual construction.
Old Roman ruins, [probably Volubilis ]
Olive oil press.
Old stone mortar.
Olive press.
More ruins.
Four stones with holes in centers.
Brick arch.
Mosaic, [good detail]
Large blocks of carved stone.
Three Roman archways.
Inscribed stone.
Two millstones, [cu]
Mosaic and ruins.
Village on side of hill, [probably M. Idriss]
City, [street scene]
Outside of city, [landscape]
Rider and white horse.
Moslem building and decorations.
Camel market, [mounting camels]
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Morocco, Ruins, Mosques, Ceramics, Pottery, Fez, Meknes, Moulay Idriss
Tags: Ceramics | Fez | Meknes | Morocco | Mosques | Moulay Idriss | Pottery | Ruins
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