University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology presents

The Black Sea Trade Project
using new archaeological techniques and a holistic approach
to explore the ancient colony of Sinop
from mountaintop to ocean bottom
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Underwater Season 2000

The Black Sea and the Port of Sinop

Sinop, an Historical and Archaeological Overview
Hinterland Survey Overview
1996 General Survey
1997 Demirci Valley Survey
1998-99 Karasu valley survey
1999 Boz tepe survey
Ottoman Archival Research
Geomorphological Survey
Geomagnetic Survey
Sinop Museum Classical Ceramics Catalog
Sinop Underwater Survey
BSTP Team Members, 1996-1999


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Research Objectives and Sub-projects

The Black Sea Trade Project is an interdisciplinary study of trade systems in the Black Sea over the past 5,000 years and their effects on local cultures and economies. 

The project focuses on the hinterland and port of Sinop (ancient Sinope), an important Greek and Roman colony at the midpoint of the Turkish Black Sea coast. Our long-term goal is to document the development of Sinop and its hinterland from mountaintop to ocean bottom using techniques that will disturb the archaeological record as little as possible (Hiebert et al. 1997). 

Directed by Fredrik T. Hiebert, the Black Sea Trade Project is committed to the development and expansion of new technologies that expand the non-destructive investigation of the archaeological record. The project includes 

  • survey programs on land and under water
  • geomorphological research
  • art historical documentation of under-studied material held in museum collections,
  • comprehensive study of literary, historical and epigraphical evidence
  • selected emergency excavation of sites under threat of modern building

Fredrik T. Hiebert, Director, Black Sea Trade Project
Robert H. Dyson Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Assistant Curator of Near Eastern Antiquities at the University of Pennsylvania Museum
Owen P. Doonan, Director, Sinop Regional Survey
Robert H. Dyson Postdoctoral Fellow, Near Eastern Section
University of Pennsylvania Museum
Alex Gantos, Assistant Director, Sinop Regional Survey
Department of Archaeology, Boston University
David Smart, Director, Sinop Museum Classical Ceramics Catalog
Curatorial Fellow, Greek and Roman Department, Cleveland Museum of Art


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