Whether you are teaching K–12 school groups in-person or virtually, our educators can broadcast LIVE to your students on any of the major video conferencing platforms. Virtual visits enhance your standard curriculum and add interesting enrichment opportunities. Our programs are designed to be adjustable in length and content so we may best fit the needs of you and your learners.

Virtual Visit Offerings

Some programs have associated activity materials. These are provided digitally for those able to print and distribute. If you have no printer access, all activities can be completed with a blank sheet of paper.

African Continent

Wooden figure of a man with nails driven into the body.

Global Voyagers

Destination Africa!

Best for Grades: 6-8, 9-12, Adult

Join the crew for a digital journey around the continent of Africa! Explore a kingdom so rich they used gold dust for money. Discover the central role African civilizations have always played in world history. Your fellow voyagers will help you explore along the way!

Ancient Egypt

An Egyptian eye artifact.

Global Voyagers

Destination Egypt!

Best for Grades: 6-8, 9-12, Adult

Join the crew for a digital journey to Egypt! Examine art of the pharaohs to decipher their ancient codes of communication. Discover what mummies don’t take with them to the afterlife. Hear an ancient story that explains why mummies are wrapped. Your fellow voyagers will help you explore along the way!

The head and shoulders of a painted sarcophagus.

Mummy Makers

Best for Grades: 6-8, 9-12, Adult

Ever wonder how and why the ancient Egyptians mummified their dead? See how ancient Egyptians embalmed and prepared mummies for their journey to the afterlife! Using interactive demonstrations, students will explore mummification through each step of the process, including brain removal, evisceration, desiccation, and wrapping. This workshop uses realistic mummies as props.

Preparing for Eternity

False Doors

Best for Grades: Pre-K-2; 3-5

What did the inside of an ancient Egyptian tomb look like? What did people take with them into the afterlife? Students learn about hieroglyphs, tomb offerings, and false doors—ancient Egyptian passageways between the worlds of the living and the dead. Students then create their own false doors by drawing hieroglyphs, ancient Egyptian art motifs, and the things they’d take to the afterlife.

*Program Materials: Paper, ruler, and writing utensils

two different doors
A depiction of the egyptian afterlife on papyrus.

The Stories That Make Us

Exploring Egyptian Gods

Best for Grades: Pre-K-2

Cultures from around the world have passed down stories for generations to explain the foods that are eaten, lands that are inhabited, and even how the stars found their place in the night sky. Students will learn about the different components that make up a story while exploring the link between ancient Egyptian gods and well-known animated heroes.

*Program Materials: Paper and writing utensils

Learn from someone who lived there! Book a virtual International Classroom Workshop for this area.

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Reading Ancient Artifacts

Prepare your learners to practice their critical skills by sharing their observations, stating claims, and forming questions about an artifact in the Museum’s collection. This 30-minute virtual visit is available for the special price of $100.00 through the end of the academic year!

Program Packages

Special offerings providing priority scheduling and dedicated technical support for those booking multiple programs within one school or many in a district.