Archaeology & Anthropology

Whether you are teaching K–12 school groups in-person or virtually, our educators can broadcast LIVE to your students on any of the major video conferencing platforms. Virtual visits enhance your standard curriculum and add interesting enrichment opportunities. Our programs are designed to be adjustable in length and content so we may best fit the needs of you and your learners.

Virtual Visit Offerings

Some programs have associated activity materials. These are provided digitally for those able to print and distribute. If you have no printer access, all activities can be completed with a blank sheet of paper.

A drawn outline of a cuneiform tablet and a smart tablet.

Can You Match the Tech?

Best for Grades: Pre-K-2, 3-5

Do you know what types of ancient technology we still use today? Solve riddles by looking closely at Penn Museum artifacts. Uncover the tools and techniques used by ancient engineers and craftspeople to create these artifacts. This exploration into ancient innovation will help you discover similarities between past and present world cultures.

*Program Materials: Paper, ruler, and writing utensils

A group of school children on a bus.

Culture is Normal

Global Classroom Experiences

Best for Grades: 4-5, 6-8

Unpack the meaning of culture and explore learning experiences across the globe! Students will reflect on and discuss a selection of school cultures from around the world, then participate in a critical thinking and empathy exercise about engaging with people who hold different norms than their own.

Ceramic offering depicting a platter of food and a pitcher.

Feasting with Friends

Grades: Pre-K-2

Sharing a meal with family and friends can make an ordinary day feel special. Food and mealtimes play an important role in cultures around the world. Students will take a close look at artifacts connected to mealtimes, listen to a story about creating a meal, and help our museum educator plan a menu for a meal that can be shared.

A laptop showing a map with pins around the world.

Global Voyagers

Explore the World!

Best for Grades: 6-8, 9-12, Adult

Join the crew for a digital journey around the world! Discover amazing artifacts left behind by great queens and kings. Move from the trade routes of the Silk Road to the pueblos of North America. Your fellow teammates will help you pass some challenges along the way!

An amphora depicting ancient heroes in battle.


Ancient and Modern

Best for Grades: Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8

People have been telling stories about heroes with special abilities for a long time. Join us as we read about mythological heroes from stories around the world. Together we will discover and design our own heroic stories along the way!

*Program Materials: Paper and writing utensils

Learn from someone who lived there! Book a virtual International Classroom Workshop for this area.

Technology Requirements

We are able connect with you without the need of any special equipment or extra downloads! After you schedule your program, you will have access to technical support from our staff.

Plan Your Virtual Visit

Use the Request Your Program form to submit your interest and begin your booking. You will be contacted by our staff directly after your virtual request is received to discuss program details and to schedule a Tech Check to ensure smooth connections between the Museum and participating institution.

Cost (30 student per workshop)

Class Size Limits

Reading Ancient Artifacts

Prepare your learners to practice their critical skills by sharing their observations, stating claims, and forming questions about an artifact in the Museum’s collection. This 30-minute virtual visit is available for the special price of $100.00 through the end of the academic year!

Program Packages

Special offerings providing priority scheduling and dedicated technical support for those booking multiple programs within one school or many in a district.